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Bite-sized Sumatra trips

Sumatra is the perfect island for a real adventure. Spot orangutans in the rainforest, meet gentle elephants, explore traditional villages and escape to a deserted island. We've teamed together with our local partners to create a selection of exciting bite-sized Sumatra trips which you can piece together to build your own holiday itinerary.

We'll include all your transfers as well as a hand-picked selection of small-scale accommodation with character. By connecting these trips together you can build your own Sumatra holiday.

Alternatively, take a look at our suggested Sumatra itinerary, the perfect option for adventurers and wildlife lovers.

Looking for some inspiration? Chat to one of our Indonesia Travel Specialists on 01273 322052.

Sumatra Trips Easy Going Sumatra: Swinging with the Apes

Duration: 3 days
Price: £148 per person based on 2 people sharing a private trip
Departure: Daily from Medan airport
Route: Medan - Bukit Lawang
This is one of our most popular Sumatra travel packages. In the heart of the jungle, amongst the towering tropical giants, lianas and lush green trees live the orangutans. In the Gunung Leuser National Park, the apes live in the wild yet within a protected area. During this Sumatra travel experience, you'll visit these huge animals (weighing 60-70kg) from the little town of Bukit Lawang. The orangutans are fed daily from the feeding centre where you'll be able to see them up close, or you may even spot them swinging through the jungle as you trek through the park. This Easy Going Sumatra tour will guarantee a brilliant start to your Indonesia adventure.

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Sumatra travel - Indonesia tour

Sumatra Trips Deep into the jungle

Duration: 2 days
Price: £265 per person based on 2 people sharing a private trip
Departs: Daily from Bukit Lawang
Route: Bukit Lawang - Tangkahan
This Sumatra travel package will take you even deeper into the jungle. Right behind the small orangutan village included in our 'Swinging with the apes' tour lies pure raw jungle. Very few tourists ever venture out this far, probably because it takes a 4WD to reach the jungle. Nights are pitch black and as you lay back in your hammock you'll hear a symphony of jungle sounds. You'll spend the night at a very basic jungle lodge that will truly add to the rustic jungle atmosphere, and by day you'll explore the jungle by elephant.

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Sumatra Trips Fairytale in Samosir

Duration: 3 days
Price: £118 per person based on 2 people sharing a private trip
Departure: Daily from Bukit Lawang
Route: Bukit Lawang - Samosir Island
The traditional Batak villages of Samosir lie in the middle of the magical Lake Toba. The mist which often shrouds the lake and the surrounding green countryside gives the whole area a real fairytale atmosphere. The Samosir peninsula and the huge lake are one of the most spectacular sights on Sumatra and according to many travellers (and we can only agree) a definite highlight.
During this Sumatra travel tour, you'll explore the island on your own by bicycle. Due to the size of the island and the hilly countryside, cycling is one of the best ways to visit the many traditional villages on the island, known for their distinctive Batak houses. 

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Sumatra travel - Trip to Indonesia
Sumatra travel - Indonesian trip

Sumatra Trips A Break in Berastagi

Duration: 2 days
Price: £95 per person based on 2 people sharing a private trip
Departure: Daily from Lake Toba/ Samosir
Route: Samosir Island - Berastagi - Medan
Cool, mountainous Berastagi was once a popular destination for the colonial Dutch and it's still great place for a refreshing break in your Sumatra tour. Here, at an altitude of 1400m, the climate feels almost European. You don’t really come here for the busy city of Berastagi itself, but to explore the beautiful countryside. The city is surrounded by the lush green fields of the Karo highlands, with two huge volcanoes dominating the skyline. If you’re feeling adventurous during your Sumatra travel experience, you could climb to the summit of Sibaya volcano and our Indonesia travel specialists can book an additional night in Berastagi for you.

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Sumatra Trips Meet the Minangkabau

Duration: 6 days
Price: £358 per person based on 2 people sharing a private trip
Departure: Daily from Lake Toba / Samosir
Route: Samosir Island - Sipirok - Bukittinggi - Ngarai Sianok Canyon - Lake Maninjau - Padang airport
West Sumatra is the home of the Minangkabau, a traditional tribe considered by many to be one of the most interesting ethnic groups of Indonesia. Scattered throughout the highlands you’ll see the typical traditional Rumah Gadang (clan houses) of the Minangkabau. During this Sumatra travel experience, you'll head south from Lake Toba to Bukittinggi where you'll experience the fascinating local culture and enjoy the spectacular scenery. You’ll go on a trek through a steep, narrow gorge and you’ll be able to explore some of the local traditional villages or go hiking in the countryside around Bukittinggi.

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Sumatra travel - Visit to Indonesia

Sumatra Trips On a deserted island

Duration: 4 days
Price: £498 per person based on 2 people sharing a private trip
Departs: Daily from Padang
Route: Cubadak Island
If you're planning a trip to Indonesia's largest island Sumatra, be prepared to do quite a bit of travelling to get from one town to the next. Before moving on to your next stop in Indonesia, such as Java or Bali, you may want to add some downtime to your itinerary. We know a great place for you to go to for some rest and relaxation: a deserted tropical island right off the coast of Padang. It's lined with idyllic white beaches and dotted with wooden cabins shaded by exotic palm trees. End your Sumatra travel experience in peace and quiet, without any distractions...

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Prices above are based on two people travelling and exclude international flights. Prices for departures for next year and for international flights are available on request. For departures during peak seasons (e.g. summer holidays, Christmas and New Year) supplements may apply.

Please note it is advisable to only travel to Sumatra during the months of April to October due to the monsoon rains.

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