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When to travel to Indonesia - Top tips

When to Travel to Indonesia

Indonesia has a tropical climate with just two seasons. The dry season starts in April and lasts until October, which is the best time to travel, though monsoon season, from November and March is fine to travel as well. It’s quieter than in the high season and the rain is generally limited to a couple of hours at the end of the day. On most of the islands there’s little difference between the winter and summer, with temperatures averaging 25C-30C all year round.

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Below we’ve outlined what kind of weather to expect on each of the islands to help you decide when to travel to Indonesia:

When to travel to Indonesia: Sumatra and Java

The rainy season on Sumatra and Java lasts from November – March with most of the rain falling in the late afternoon. In the West and South-West you can expect the occasional spot of rain in the dry season as well. On Sumatra the monsoons can very heavy making roads inaccessible, whereas in eastern Java there’s hardly any rain in dry season. Temperatures average 22-29 degrees all year round. Best time to travel to Sumatra and/or Java is April – October.
When to travel to Indonesia - Sumatra monkey
When to travel to Indonesia - Bali volcano

When to travel to Indonesia: Bali

Dry season lasts from April – September, with May, June and July being the coolest months when temperatures ‘drop’ to 28C. Monsoon season starts in October and ends in March, but in between the monsoon showers you can expect bright blue skies and plenty of sunshine. That’s why the monsoon season is fine to travel to Bali. The hottest months are February and March, with temperatures around 30C. Best time to travel to Bali is in the drier, cooler months from May – August, with high temperatures during the day and cooler evenings with a refreshing sea breeze.

When to travel to Indonesia: Nusa Tenggara (Lombok, Flores, the Gilis)

The difference between the dry and wet season is slightly bigger in the Nusa Tanggara region, which lie to the east of Bali. The driest months are August and September, the wettest are November – February. The duration of the dry and wet seasons vary per island though. The climate on Lombok is similar to Bali, and the same goes for Sumbawa and Flores. As a rule of thumb: the closer to Australia, the longer the dry season.
When to travel to Indonesia - Gili Meno
When to travel to Indonesia - Sulawesi accommodation


Due to its irregular shape and the fact that it’s on a geographical borderline, Sulawesi has two opposite climates. The South-West also has a monsoon season from October – March. In the North, around Manado, most of the rain falls in June and July, but has a dry season from August – October. Temperatures can vary significantly; along the coast it can be (stiflingly) hot with temperatures around 34C, whereas the hills can be cool with a maximum around 24C, cool enough to need a sweater in the evening.

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